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Arbeitstechniken im Maschinenbau (englisch)

Arbeitstechniken im Maschinenbau (englisch)
Typ: Vorlesung (V)
Semester: SS 2017
Zeit: 25.04.2017
14:00 - 15:00 täglich
40.29, Raum 006a

Dozent: Prof.Dr.Ing. Barbara Deml
SWS: 1
LVNr.: 2110969

The course addresses students in the Bachelor programme Mechanical Engineering in the fourth semester. Students in the Bachelor programme Mechanical Engineering in the second semester as well as students in the Master programme Mechanical Engineering or other programmes may participate in case of vacancies.


The script as well as further literature resources are available on ILIAS.

  1. Time- and self-management
  2. Literature research
  3. Team work
  4. Scientific writing
  5. Scientific presentation

The amount of work accounts for 60 h (=2 ECTS).


On completion of the course the students are able:

  • to plan projects in a task- and resource-oriented way,
  • to apply creativity techniques within a team,
  • to investigate and to evaluate scientific resources and to derive information,
  • to summarize work results in a well-structured written report,
  • to present scienctific problems/results in an oral presentation/poster.

The course will be passed, if:

  • registration in "Studienportal" is done until 2017/05/27 and the corresponding notification is presented to the lecturer of the workshop, not later than the date of the second workshop.
  • all tests within the four workshop sessions are passed.
  • all of the four workshop sessions are attended; active participation is required.

If you cannot attend a workshop session due to sickness, you will have to provide a medical certificate. You will be allowed to compensate your absence by an additional assignment in consultation of the lecturer of the workshop.

If you are not able to attend two or more workshop sessions due to sickness, you will have to repeat the course in one of the following semesters.